Today’s highlights: A new FDA rule involving mammograms; and FDA advisory committees are expected to recommend that Narcan nasal spray be made available without prescription.
Today’s highlight: The links between bad food, bad gut bacteria, and fatty liver disease.
Today’s highlights: Today’s highlight is entirely dedicated to the FDA’s Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) authorization of Copenhagen’s Classic…
Today’s highlights: The FDA approves medication to help treat symptoms of Rett syndrome; It’s MS Awareness Week (Mar. 12–18).
Today's highlights: concerns about a human outbreak of Bird Flu; The Biden Administration's ambitious goal for a national drinking-water standard; the…
Today’s highlights: Looking to art as a window into mental health; advances and ethical concerns surrounding gene-editing using CRISPR-Cas9; a potential…
Today’s highlights: research (non-human) into the way the brain recognizes infection from the flu; patient information about asthma; discussion around…
Today’s highlights: the impact and prevalence of body dysmorphic disorder; how coffee alternatives compare nutritionally; examining the benefits of…
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